E71 As A Home Appliance Remote Control: Possibility Becomes Reality

What if you can use your Nokia E71 as a wireless remote control? Not just a tv remote - but also for controlling lights, the stereo, air conditioner, etc. The possibility to do this is actually much closer than you think. This is just a quick post showing off a new application AND control box created by one of my favorite S60 developers named Sittiphol Phanvilai. The new system is called NeuRoom and just might be a breakthrough in home entertainment for the average joe. Sittiphol developed this using his Nokia 5800, but there is no reason why this shouldn't work with any Symbian S60 device.

Sittiphol says,

It's the home appliance control system via Nokia 5800. Actually I have been used it for 2 months already but I just have time to make the video presentation yesterday. It's so useful. Honestly, I like it so much and I strongly believe that wireless home electronic appliance control system via mobile phone will be necessary thing in the near future for sure. Everything has been described in video, let's see it.

And here is the video demonstration…


I’m very glad to see that it uses bluetooth which is obviously accessible to everyone.

Would you find this technology useful? Would you be willing to purchase this setup for your living room or bedroom? I think it would definitely be an awesome gadget to have.

Want to learn more? Click here to visit Sittiphol’s blog.

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