E71x Tips And Tricks To Make The Overall Experience Better

e71 If you are a new Nokia E71x user you probably got from AT&T for a great price, however you might be a little frustrated when trying to get help with your new device. The unlocked Nokia E71 is one of the Finnish giant’s most popular phones ever, so you should find a ton of links and tutorials about the E71 around the web, including this site of course. Almost all aspects of the unlocked E71 should also apply to the E71x but I know that AT&T had a huge hand in watering down the device and getting rid of a few crucial features and components that make an unlocked Symbian S60 phone extremely powerful. That’s not to say with a few tweaks here and there and even some handy 3rd party applications you can’t get something to work properly. It’s just a matter of asking around to see if anyone has any ideas. I know many of you are old blackberry users and some even completely new to smartphones, so there will be a learning curve that might take some time.

Many applications and themes for the E71x can be found here at the E71 Fanatics community, and in the coming weeks I’ll be writing up some really simple “how-to” articles for covering all the basics of the E71x and E71 unlocked of course. Some steps might show up a little bit differently on the E71x since it’s a newer version of S60 3rd Edition. But regardless the settings should be there and fairly easy to find. Don’t forget that if you Google search something like “e71 themes” or “e71 tips”, your results should also work just fine for the E71x.

A Good Place To Start

For now you can check out this great write-up by the fellas over at NokiaExperts.com. They made a handy article dedicated to getting you started with the E71x with a list of some must-have applications and settings, many of which I use on my device. Heck even unlocked E71 owners can find it useful. Matthew Miller also shows you how to re-organize the ATT spam riddled menu so that you can clean up some of the junk. And to make you feel a little better he goes on to say that the E71x IS worth $99, which I happen to agree with. Click here to read his article and be sure to bookmark both of our sites.

Are You A Nokia E71x User?

If you are then let us know. Be sure to introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions. You can also visit our lively forums to get some E71x help and remember to come with a sense of humor and a little patience. Everyone who posts there is always down to help.

And for all E71 users… stay tuned because I have some really cool stuff coming up!

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