Find Your Car In The Mall Parking Lot With GPS On Your E71

wherescar Dude! Where’s my car? Yes, there’s an app for that – on the Nokia E71 (and E71x, although I’m not gonna say E71x over and over again). About a week back I asked @e71fanatics twitter followers if they’d like to know how they can use their E71 to find their car in a huge parking lot. There’s no need to download any special apps that are JUST for this… what you need should already be installed on your phone. That’s how good the E71 really is. It just needs a little creativity on our part to get this working. Keep reading to see my E71 tip for finding your missing car in the parking lot…

How To Find Your Car Method 1

It’s amazing how easy this really is. Most of you probably already have Google Maps installed on your Nokia E71, right? If not… what are you waiting for? A data plan? Come on get with the times! If you don’t have it already CLICK HERE and then come back when it’s installed.

Back? Ok, check out my screenshots…



When you park your car get out and launch Google Maps. If it’s not centered already make sure to press the “0” key to lock into your GPS position. Select that position and choose “Save as a favorite”.


As you can see above you can name the spot whatever you want and even choose the category.


When you’re all done shopping till you drop simply walk out of the mall or building you are in and fire up Google Maps. You should see the star where your car is parked. If not then go to Options>Favorites and you will see on the map where your car is parked. Thanks to the strong GPS chip inside the E71 you can see where you are standing as you approach the car.

Simple as that!

and if you don’t have an unlimited data plan…

How To Find Your Car Method 2

This second method uses Nokia Maps instead of Google Maps. If you have the maps of your region pre-installed to your memory card than you won’t have to use internet data at all. I can’t get any screenshots right now because for some reason the app doesn’t want to open. Instead of favorites these are called “locations”.

Personally I prefer method one. Google Maps just works much faster and seems to be more precise.

Be sure to share your method if you do something differently. Hopefully this can help everyone out instead of spending 10 minutes trying to find your car.

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