Light E71 Themes: Three Of My Favorites

I normally enjoy dark colored themes on my Nokia E71, but recently I came across a few light colored themes that really caught my eye. I’m not sure why I’ve always been a fan of dark themes – maybe because I’m a huge N82 fan. For those of you that have the Nokia N82 you know that the screen is very dim and light colored themes look washed out. The bright screen of the Nokia E71 really transformed my feeling about light Symbian themes.

Enough rambling. Lets just cut to the chase. I actually have 3 E71 and E71x Themes to show you today, starting with my favorite theme master tehk7.

Qi by Tehk7

Some of you may already have this theme installed on your phone since it’s been out for a week and lots of you follow him already. This is the theme that really transformed my thinking about light vs. dark colored themes. Note: If you’ve downloaded this theme last week, tehk recently updated it with a few changes and bug fixes.




Click here for download page.


Simply Simple by BigV

I showed off this theme on twitter the other day and many of my E71 followers loved it. This is the first time I’ve seen BigV’s work and I’m sure this won’t be the last. Note: Not optimized for all E71 icons.


Screenshot0009  Screenshot0013

Two more colors are also available:


Click here for download page.


NG by Babi

Babi has always been one of my Top 5 favorite theme artists. He loves to pay attention to detail and the colors he uses are very unique. Be sure to download the 71 version which customized the contacts, calendar, and folder icons.






Click here for download page.


There you have it. I hope you enjoy these E71 and E71x themes. If you have any other light colored themes that you like be sure to share them with us.

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