Nokia Here And Now Updated For E71: Weather & Local Events

Article by Timi Cantisano

I'm the kind of person that likes to do things but isn't very well connected when it comes to obtaining information about the events going on around me. Usually I end up hearing about it after it has already passed or its to late to make plans for it. With a little help from an application from Nokia Beta Labs called "Here and Now" I wont have that trouble anymore.

Here and Now is an application that was released about a month ago for S60 FP2 devices and has been recently been updated for FP1. That means E71 users can finally start testing this application. Don't be afraid about the warning you see during installation, the application is compatible and will work. So will this application be able to keep me in the know about events in my area? Lets find out! The application installed quickly and does not require any setup from the user. Simply open the application and it will greet you with the weather for your current location.


If you scroll to the right the events tab can be accessed. While this sounds great, in reality it seems to only work half as well. A majority of the time the weather is quick to appear on the screen, but sometimes the user is left hanging without any information. While I tried many different locations I wasn't able to receive information about local events. I could be that there really weren't any local events or that since it is a beta the system wasn't fully active.

Video by Nokia Beta Labs:

Whatever the reason we will have to see what the final version has to offer. Personally I think that this application would work a lot better if it was displayed on the home screen. That way it would display the information such as weather and events directly on first glance rather than going through menus and initializing the application. I hope that the events tab will be full the next time I open access this application. If you had a different experience don't hesitate to comment I'd love to hear what you guys experienced on this application.

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Timi Cantisano is a long time mobile phone user and S60/Nokia fan. You can read more of his articles at his personal phone website at Keep checking back for more contributions to this site by Timi.

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