Ovi App Store Now Available For Nokia E71

Wipe it out. Clear it out. Make room! Your E71’s phone memory needs some extra space!

Screenshot0021If you haven’t heard about the Ovi Store, it’s supposed to be Nokia’s solution to a one place stop to get E71 applications, widgets, ringtones, movies, and themes. Nima from the E71 Fanatics forum has already alerted us about this new announcement! Many new E71 and Symbian users have always asked me “why don’t we have an app store like the iPhone”? It seems Nokia was a little slow on this idea, but they finally came to their senses and the Ovi Store was created. Thankfully Nokia released the Ovi Store when they say they would – in the month of May. Congrats to Nokia for getting this out on time, hopefully it’s populated with enough applications to make us all happy.

Nokia said in a press release this morning:

Today, Ovi Store by Nokia is available globally to an estimated 50 million Nokia device owners across more than 50 Nokia devices including the forthcoming flagship device, the Nokia N97. Customers can visit store.ovi.com through their Nokia device browser to immediately begin downloading, personalizing and making their devices smarter and more fun with applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services and much more.

"Ovi Store is open for business and we've stocked the shelves with both local and global content for a broad range of Nokia devices," said Tero Ojanperä, Executive Vice President, Nokia Services. "Ovi Store makes shopping for content and applications easy and fun for feature phone and smartphone owners alike."

Download & Install


To download and install the Ovi Store application go to your Download! app which is already on your phone. There you will see the Ovi Store and you must download, install, and reboot. You will then find the Ovi Store application in the Installations folder, where all your other apps are stored. The first time you fire up the application it takes a few minutes to be populated. I actually had to close the app and try it again because the first time nothing loaded. Hopefully this only happens once.

What’s Inside?

I personally haven’t had much time to check out the Ovi Store. I’ve come across a few “free” apps that ended up being 14 day trials. That can’t be happening. Free means free. Right?

What I’ve downloaded so far:

AP News – Looks kind of cool. It scrolls fast and it’s free. Wish there was some way to read articles full screen.

WorldMate 2009 – It’s an app for travelers, but also includes weather. I’m trying it out right now. Free!

I' still don’t see a Facebook app for the E71. I think Nokia will release that after the N97 begins shipping.

Ovi Store For The E71x

I’m not 100% on this, but from reading the press release it seems you guys might have to wait.

"AT&T looks forward to introducing Ovi Store for our customers later this year," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "AT&T has a reputation for providing the most customer choice of content and applications and offering Ovi Store is in line with that strategy."

I’m in the United States on AT&T but my E71 is unlocked so Ovi Store seems to be working fine. If you’re an E71x user let us know what happens when you go to http://store.ovi.com from your handset.

Have You Browsed The Ovi Store?

Have you jumped into the Ovi Store yet on your E71? If you find anything good, please share!

*note: the Ovi Store is experience high traffic volumes because of the launch and you might see some network errors the first day or so. Link

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