E71 Screen Protector: Which Is The Best & Are They Needed?

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to protect their investments including our expensive smartphones. Having a screen protector on your Nokia E71 or E71x may not be pretty – but it does the job of keeping your screen free of scratches and dings.


The above image is the invisibleSHIELD by Zagg for the Nokia E71 & E71x. They sell either the full body shield which is some kind of pre-formed clear plastic or just the screen protector itself. I've seen a buddy have the entire casing on his E71 and at first glance it's hard to tell that it's even there. Personally I don't think I need the full casing but a screen protector will do wonders for keeping the value of my E71. When trying to resell it someday there is a big difference between a phone with no scratches and a phone with clear scratches on the screen.

Here are a few places where you can find a good E71 screen protector…

invisibleShield by Zagg: Click here to visit Zagg's website and search for "E71".

Wireless Emporium: Nokia E71/71x Screen Protector Film

Eforcity: Reusable Screen Protector for Nokia E71

Amazon: E71 Screen Protectors

I have also seen a lot of people mention the Clarivue protectors as well.

I don’t have much experience with screen protectors so I’m kind of curious to see what you recommend. Is it even needed? Well, on the E71 I’d say yes. I try and keep good care of my phones and I STILL have a few noticeable scratches.

Do you use a screen protector? If so – what brand and how is it?

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