E71 Theme: Fissure By tehkSeven Brings Elegance And Class To Your Smartphone

I only show you guys Nokia themes that I absolutely love myself… and nothing less. If I’m going to install a theme on my E71 it had better be high quality with close attention to detail. Our favorite theme master has done it again with his newest creation called “Fissure”.


Fissure by tehkSeven is a dark colored theme with black and grey patterns and highlights. I’ve been using it on my E71 for the past 24 hours and it is spectacular. It’s been my primary theme on my Nokia N97 for about 5 days now and I’m hooked.

But his one doesn’t come free. Yep – that’s right. It’s time Mr. tehk makes a little bit of extra dough for all the time he puts into his themes, but not to worry the price is very affordable.The pricing for his premium themes are as tehk describes…

The price of this theme is 1 Euro for the default icon version and 2 Euro for the seven icon version.

I plan on selling the complete package for 7 Euros. However, this price is subject to change because I have yet to develop a full seven icon set for 5th edition devices.

This package is to include:
Standard Series (Pre FP1, FP1, FP2 Devices) - Default Icon Version
Standard Series (Pre FP1, FP1, FP2 Devices) - Seven Icon Version
E Series - Default Icon Version
E Series - Seven Icon Version
5th Edition - Default Icon Version
5th Edition - Seven Icon Version

This saves a total of 2 Euros and is a great deal for Nokia owners with multiple devices.

I think it’s worth it to pay for the custom “seven” icon version because that’s a huge reason why this theme looks so dang good. At the current conversation rate 2 Euros comes out to about $2.77 USD.

A couple of screenshots…



Very nice! According to tehk this Fissure theme should be available in 1-2 days.

I’m curious to see what you guys and gals think of the pricing. Would you pay a few bucks for a theme that is top notch?

Click here to learn more about Fissure or find it soon in the Ovi Store.

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