Free E71 Software: Two New Photo Gallery Apps That Will Kick You In The Behind

Today I’m going to show you not one, but two free Nokia E71 & E71x applications for you to download to your smartphone. One of the major downfalls of the E71 in my eyes is the weak and boring built in Gallery application. It really does nothing as far as eye goes and makes me dread showing off photos on my device.

Not to worry. This is where these two applications come in, both are made by Nokia and are currently in beta.

Nokia Image Exchange

I’m showing you this first since it’s the furthest along in terms of speed and stability. Nokia Image Exchange is more than an application, it’s also a place where you can upload your photos do a server and view them later. It’s completely experimental but I do like this idea. Keep in mind you don’t have to use the upload features, you can just use it as a standalone application.

Video Demonstration:

Click here to learn more about Nokia Image Exchange.

Nokia Photo Browser

This application is more  eye catching than it is usable. Fire up Nokia Photo Browser when you want to show off some glitz and glamour to your iPhone pals. The newest  version is a lot more stable than before and has a few new features like the ability to send to contacts and a few other minor updates and fixes. Keep in mind this is also early beta but I’m looking forward to seeing the continuing development over at the labs.

Video demonstration is on the Nokia 5800xm. Some features will work differently on your E71…

Click here to learn more about Nokia Photo Browser.

Be sure to follow the download and installation instructions very carefully.

Let me know which application you like better. If you have any problems or suggestions leave a comment over at Nokia Beta Labs so you can help make these applications great. Believe me THEY LISTEN!

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