Nokia E72 Announced – Videos Demonstrations Galore


If you haven’t paid attention to the news wire lately then you haven’t heard the big news. Nokia just unveiled the Nokia E72 – an upgraded clone of the Nokia E71. Discussion about the E72 has already started over at the E71 Fanatics forums about the E71 here and here, many stating that it’s not worth the upgrade. Personally I think it’s what the E71 should have been all along – and it’s interesting see the 5mp camera on this puppy. With the release of the Nokia N97 and it’s qwerty keypad on this E72 with a great camera – you can really tell that Nokia is blurring the lines between the Eseries and Nseries.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Over at the forums user Chimera says the main differences are:

- E72 has optical trackpad
- 3.5 mm audio jack
- 250MB internal
- 5 MP Camera
- Symbian 9.3 S60 V3.2

looks like a slight upgrade to the E71? unless I'm missing something…

nokia-e72-5 For some it might be a slight upgrade and for others this is huge. My main beef with the Nokia E71 is the 2.5mm audio jack and weak camera. The E72 solves this as long as the audio quality and internal camera software is upgraded. I can care less about the rest of the specs, although having Feature Pack to would be nice. I’ve never been a fan of trackpads or trackballs so that isn’t relevant. I think the E71 d-pad is one of the best I’ve ever used. With that said – I don’t think this would be a huge upgrade for me – but it’s always nice to have the newest toys right? I’m not sure what the pricing would be on this but obviously it would drive DOWN the price of the E71 even more – thus making it even more popular. So to call this an upgrade all depends on the individual. If you don’t listen to music and snap a lot of photos there is no need to upgrade unless you really want the newer OS. But for those folks that love the Nseries for the multimedia capabilities, this might help bridge the gap a bit.

Enough talk. How about some video!

Here is a close look at how smooth the E72 trackpad actually is, and a closeup view of the E72 and it’s OS. He also places the E72 next to the E71 on the table so you can see them side by side...

Very nice video! This one is great too. A rundown of the device from a Nokia employee...

Another hands on video, this time by Nokia Conversations...

And lastly is the commercial for the E72 put out by Nokia...

I'm really excited about this device. The UI looks very smooth as does the Messaging application. I hope a firmware update will bring that version of Nokia Messaging to the E71. And before you ask - I don't know if the E71 will ever be upgraded to Feature Pack 2. If we go by history then I'd say NO since Nokia has never done that with any devices.

What are your thoughts on the Nokia E72? Will you be looking to pick one up?

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