Nokia N97 Goes On Sale Worldwide! Check Out These N97 Specs & E71 Comparisons

The Nokia N97 is the hottest talk in the mobile world right now besides the E71 of course. Sporting a 3.5" inch full touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, 32gb built in, 5mp camera, and all the other multimedia specs that make the Nseries so popular - the N97 is creating quite the buzz around the web. We haven't seen any major retailers actually shipping the device yet, but it's already gone on sale and many are reporting shipping in 2-3 weeks.

I even got caught up in the Nokia N97 wave! My fiance is really wanting one so I figured why not expand my Fanatic network to the N97 realm. Needless to say I'll be snagging the phone from her on occasion, and swapping my SIM betweet the E71 and this hot new device. If you decide to pick up the N97 you can still get my generous help and knowledge by visiting the newly launched N97 Fanatics page at Don't worry - this page will still be updated and paid attention to the same way it's always been ;)

Where To Buy The N97

If you're looking for N97 deals there are a few options. Over at N97 Fanatics you can find a page that shows all the best prices for N97 contracts and mobile plans for those in the UK. It's a great comparison tool which let's you pick the right plan for you. Click here for N97 United Kingdom plans.

People in the United States should be happy to hear that the NAM version of the N97 will be available at the same time as the rest of the world. Amazon is currently taking orders and shipping date says June 30th. Click here for pricing.

E71 vs. N97 Specs and Photos

Many people have emailed me asking to compare the E71 to the N97. One of the major differences is the size and form factor. Many people cannot part ways with the E71 mainly because of it's perfect size and sturdy build.

Check out this awesome photo that Paul Jacobson took of the N97 and E71 side by side.

For more comparison photos visit this link.

Want to see the specs side by side? Check out the comparison chart below. (may not be viewable in some RSS readers.)

Are any of you contemplating picking up the Nokia N97? Let us know your thoughts.

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