Prestige E71 Theme Updated, Fissure Next In Line From tehkSeven


For those of you that don’t already subscribe to tehk’s RSS feed, his popular Prestige (Solace) theme I showed you awhile back ago has been updated with bug fixes and new icons. Over the past few months tehk has been working hard to add many 3rd party applications that weren’t included before.

Click here to visit tehk’s page and download the updated version.

In other news, tehk is working on a new premium theme called Fissure which is probably my most favorite theme EVER. It’s a dark colored theme with black and grey highlights. I especially love it since the colors represent my favorite hockey team – the LA KIngs. If he only dropped a hint of dark purple in there I would be in love. That brings me a though – tehk if you are reading these – you should make a line of premium themes based on sports teams. I would love to see a LA Dodgers version of your themes.

Ok enough jibber jabber – check out these screenshots of Fissure on the Nokia 5800xm":



I’ve tested out this theme on my 5800xm and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait for the E71 version. Check out tehk’s Fissure announcement here.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. More articles to come this wee so stay tuned!

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