E71 Shortcuts: Create Dozens Of Custom Key Combos To Launch Nearly Any App Or Task

We buy these Nokia smartphones because Symbian is one of the most customizable operating systems right? Well I’m going to show you an E71 AND E71x application that will let you to take it to the next level and create our own custom key combinations to launch anything from applications, files, bookmarks, or even start a sms to a specific contact. I’ve been using this application for a few months now (I know I’m lagging on the review) and it has pretty much transformed the way I use my device.

The application is called Cute Keys. It allows you to create keyboard shortcuts that perform specific actions. With Cute Keys you can create shortcuts for following actions:

  • Open chosen application installed on the mobile
  • Open selected file or document
  • Call a certain recipient
  • Open selected contact from your contact book
  • Change Bluetooth status
  • Send SMS/MMS/email to selected recipient
  • Browse selected website


Every shortcut is set of two, three, or even four buttons on your mobile keyboard. Mostly you can use two buttons, one of which is a special button, and the second one is a number button. Mobiles with QWERTY keyboard allow more possibilities; there you can create the shortcuts similar as you do on your PC.

There is no limit for the number of shortcuts created, their number is only limited by the hardware.

Please note: You can not use two number buttons in one shortcut, you have to use at least one special button or joystick.






As you can see in the first screenshot I have a shortcut to my Google application and a few shortcuts to send a text to various contacts. I use the spacebar + any number to launch whatever applications I want. For sms shortcuts I use the @ + any number. Keep in mind it’s not good to use the shift or function keys since we already use those when typing.

The great thing about Cute Keys is I can launch whatever task or application I want from any screen. Now I don’t have to dig through the menu or contact list. This can make us extremely efficient. It’s just a matter of memorizing our shortcuts. To make that easier for instance to send an sms to Nick, I made the shortcut @ + 9 which is also @ + N. I suppose I should make all of my shortcuts like that so it’s easier to remember.

While Cute Keys is not free, it is worth the $9.99 you have to drop to keep the full version after the 10 day trial period expires. The free 10 day trial period gives you the FULL experience of Cute Keys, nothing is left out. So it can’t hurt to try it right?

Click here to learn more about Cute Keys by SymbianGuru.

Click here to download it directly to your Nokia E71 or E71x.

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