It Seems The New E71 Firmware Has Increased The Photo Quality

First off, happy 4th of July to all the American readers. I hope you’re enjoying some bbq and beer today with friends and family. I don’t normally blog on holidays, but I thought this would be a good topic to ponder today. A few days ago I told you guys that the new firmware doesn’t really bring anything that makes me want to rush and update my E71. The hassle of having to reinstall all of my apps, themes, and contacts just doesn’t sound fun, especially since the version 300.21.012 firmware didn’t seem to bring any huge updates or fixes.

But this morning I was checking the forums and noticed and post by active member Nima_Mohseni in the firmware topic. Nima showed us photo samples of quite a nice collection of Coca Cola cans taken before and after the firmware was updated to the latest version. Check out the photo samples below…

Old E71 firmware:


New E71 firmware…


Looks like a very big difference doesn’t it? The old firmware looks blueish with a lot of grain and the new firmware looks more natural with a lot less grain.

These images has me second guessing my original statements of not rushing to upgrade the firmware. As it stands – I can’t anyways since it seems it’s not available in North American yet.

I would love to see if others of you are noticing an improvement in photo quality. If any of you can link to your before and after photos that would be great. If you don’t want to upload them you can email them to and I can try and get them posted in this article.

Enjoy the holiday and the weekend everyone. Oh and big thanks to Nima for posting these photos!

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