Why Buy An Unlocked E71 Instead of E71x And Nokia Looks To Break Into U.S. Smartphone Market

It’s been about 3 months since the Nokia E71x has been available I’ve seen and heard many mixed reactions about the AT&T version of the E71. Most of the reaction has been bad, that the phone is locked down and preinstalled applications cannot be removed. Some find that not all applications for the Nokia E71 unlocked work on the E71x. Those that have had BOTH devices say things like “the E71x is a completely different device… so restricted and tied up.”

We haven’t really heard Nokia speak on the differences between a locked and unlocked device especially here in the United States, until now.

some rss readers cannot see video below.

It may seem kind of silly that people don’t know what a sim card is, but sadly that’s the truth here in North America. I’m happy to see Nokia making commercials geared towards North America. I’m sure it won’t end up in a TV commercial, so what exactly is Nokia planning on doing with this video? Thanks to CJ for finding the video. If you are looking for a E71 unlocked vs E71x comparison post click here.

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Nokia To Sell More Carrier Branded Phones

Recently Nokia has implied that they are ready and eager to take on the North American smartphone market, a place that is dominated by love for the Apple iPhone and full of die hard Blackberry fans. Recent comments by a top Nokia executive shows that they are ready to grab the bull by the horns and take on North American with a full head of steam. An article at ComputerWorld states…

Analysts see that as a subtle move by the engineering-focused Scandinavian company to start using American marketing techniques. The Surge slider device, jointly developed with AT&T Inc., includes a physical QWERTY keyboard, noted Frimere.

"Our strategy is to get as many devices into U.S. carriers as possible," Frimere said in an interview. "We want to be No. 1 in the U.S."

What a bold statement to make for such a huge challenge this will be. But you know the saying “Go big or go home”. Hopefully Nokia backs up these statements.


What is this Surge slider device that is mentioned? It’s yet another qwerty Symbian phone coming to AT&T. From the press release

Dallas, TX, USA - Now you can carry your clique with you in your pocket. AT&T* and Nokia today announced the availability of the Nokia Surge, a socially supercharged smartphone powered by the nation's fastest 3G network. Available online and in AT&T stores on July 19, the Nokia Surge is an ideal device for active consumers who like to stay connected whether using IM, text or email, sending multimedia messages, AT&T Video Share, or updating and connecting via their favorite social networks.

In addition to an impressive suite of messaging capabilities, the Nokia Surge offers a powerful browsing experience, including Flash support to view most sites in full HTML or watch YouTube videos.  Nokia Surge allows users to post messages, images, videos, and comments to web sites like Facebook on-the-go with the pre-installed JuiceCaster application.

"Launching at 79.99 USD with a complete email solution, downloadable applications and full HTML browser with Flash support, Nokia Surge hits the sweet spot between a quick messaging phone and a smartphone because of its low-price and strong feature set," said Michael Woodward, vice president, Mobile Phone Portfolio, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

It’s good to see more Symbian powered smartphones coming to AT&T but I would like to see them less “locked down” and more open, closer to an unlocked device. And personally I can’t see Nokia selling many smartphones with a 2.2” inch screen like the Surge has.

Do you think the North American smartphone market can be cracked by Nokia? What are your thoughts on the AT&T Surge?

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