Are You Getting Excited About The E72? Many Will Upgrade From E71


I’m not exactly sure when the release date is for the Nokia E72 is but it should be drawing close since it’s now been awhile since it was officially announced. As the time draws near more and more people will get excited about the Nokia E72 and it’ll be interesting to see how many die-hard E71 users will upgrade.

Right now I’m a huge fan of the Nokia N97, and the E71+N97 makes a great combo. When I’m using my E71 I really miss having a 3.5mm audio jack and a decent camera. The E72 will solve both of these problems. It’s really smart that Nokia is releasing the E72, why not bank off the huge success of the E71.

Besides those two additions, E72 users will also get Symbian S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2. There are a ton of small upgrades in Feature Pack 2. To name just a few…

  • Fullscreen caller ID picture.
  • play windows media files with no problem.
  • show time in the Menu, not just homescreen.
  • browser is much faster.
  • eye candy theme effects.
  • Nokia Messaging built-in.
  • much more stable overall.

That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure many of you can add to that list for me.


My pal Jeb Brilliant is also a huge fan of the Nokia E71. In a few recent blog posts he expressed his enthusiasm for the E72…

I have been using the E71 for a while now and I can’t seem to put it down. I tried reviewing the N97 and E75 and couldn’t keep my sim in either. It is just an amazing device and I keep telling people how amazed I am because it is a year old and I still keep going back to it. So now I hear from Eldar that the E72 is even better then the E71 which I suspected it would be. Nokia doesn’t take the E series lightly. This means that Nokia is going to sell boat loads of these devices and accross the world it will be the “it” phone to have if you go for a QWERTY keyboard handset. I think

I’m like most people in that I see the E72 as a worthwhile upgrade. I won’t stick to the E71 if I can get an E72 with a 5mp camera that blows the E71’s paltry 3.2mp (always with a blue tint) camera out of the water. For me the camera and the feature pack 2 upgrades make the phone worth upgrading for. At least I won’t have to carry around 2 phones now, 1 for taking pictures and one for everything else.

Jeb is a perfect example of an E71 user ready to make the jump to the E72. Click here to read the entire article “E72 Is My Next Phone”.

Mr. Brilliant then follows up that article with another, this time about the camera…

Now what I think may change things for people is the 5mp camera built in. It is not N97 quality but I think people will start to leave their point and shoot cameras at home and start relying more on their phone. We’re already seeing this but the E72 is the first business class Nokia that will have a 5mp shooter. It will give people the option to leave their pocket camera at home. Or in my case leave the N97 or N79 at home.

While I don’t think a phone camera – even the N86 – can truly replace a point and shoot, it will surely have me leaving it at home more often. As is the case with my N97, and previously my N82. Read Jeb’s full article.

Check out this Nokia E72 commercial…

Click here to read a detailed review of the Nokia E72 by

I’m looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts about the E72 and if you’ll be upgrading from the E71.

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