Facebook Functionality For E71 Added To New Beta Version Of Gravity

The extremely popular Twitter application for the Nokia E71 called Gravity has recently been updated to include the basic functionality for Facebook status updates. The developer Janole is always hard at work updating the application, adding new features and fixing bugs. But this recent update is the first public beta release for everyone to try out.

At this point Gravity is more of a Twitter application than a Facebook app. If you use Twitter then you really want to try out Gravity, but if you only use Facebook then it might not be worth your $10. A few months back I review this E71 twitter application and many of you decided it was worth the buy.

To add the Facebook functionality to Gravity go to “Info & Updates” and update to the latest beta version. Once you install the latest version you can go to “Add Account” and see the Facebook option. At the moment it seems you can only read updates and comment to friends. You can also update your status. I would love to see the option to add photos and see/get Facebook notifications, something that is lacking on the E71.


Screenshot0066 Screenshot0067 Screenshot0068

If you haven’t already, click here to download Gravity and start your 10 day trial.

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