Mobile Facebook On The E71 Thanks to Opera Mini

While touchscreen phones have been given a costumized facebook treatment you might think other non touch phones like the E71 are left behind. Well that's not entirely true. Any other S60 phone that supports a decent browser like the S60 built in browser or Opera Mini can enjoy a little facebook love on the go wherever they are by typing in the browser.

The mobile version of facebook is all about providing essential information (notifications, message inbox and friend requests) simpel and easy to spot on the homescreen after you've logged in. Looks like I got a message in my inbox!

Navigation is very simple, some people might miss all the facebook widgets that sadly are not supported in the mobile version but overall a pleasant experience replying inbox messages and leaving quick comments in the status updates.

As you can see in my profile picture above, thumbnail support enables you to browse photos and friends profile pics. You can't upload photos saved on your mobile wich is a shame, but I've found Shozu a good alternative for uploading pictures to my albums on facebook with few key presses (a short preview of Shozu is going to be posted in a couple of days)

All in all, the mobile version of facebook is worth checking out. It gives you a fairly basic status information on the go for small datacosts. Let us know how it's working on your phone. Screenshots are from a Nokia E71 with latest firmware version.

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