My Daily Companion: Nokia Sporststracker For E71

There's a service that I've been using for about eight months or so that I still use on a day to day basis and it's a joy to use. Well to be honest it wouldn't have been a joy to use if it wasn't for my Nokia E71 handset and the S60 platform it's running on. This is a small preview to demonstrate the power of the S60 platform and the Sportstracker application that I use on my phone to track and upload my daily workouts. Here's a sneak peak with screenshots to demonstrate what I mean:

I start my workout by choosing type of activity (walking, running, cycling, skiing, rowing etc.) wait less than a minute for the GPS to lock and choose my settings for the workout. A setting that I use sometimes is If I want to auto track my laps, every kilometer for instance. As you can see in the above screenshot I'm running multiple applications in the background, listening to some great music hooked on A2DP bluetooth stereo headset that keeps me on the move all uploaded on my 8GB microsd card.

Another application I occasionally have running in the background is Nokia Maps. Sometimes I go on a discovery jog around in unfamiliar terrain or ditching the buss to get where I wanna go, with Nokia Maps I got pedestrian mode to guide me whenever I feel exploring new places. When I'm done, I stop my workout and glaze at my diary (daily, weekly, monthly view) and select todays workout to see how I've done compared to the week before.


I upload my workouts so that friends can see them, post them on my blog or just contribute to the groups I like (my uploaded workouts help the group maintain a high popularity ranking in the sportstracker community) The other day I gave some of my readers on my (a runner's journaling blog) a chance to follow my race live embedded on my blog thanks to the Nokia Sportstracker Live Workout setting, you just press share workout with community and it's live online.

The power of the E71 S60 handset:
During my workout I use wireless stereo bluetooth headset along with GPS, 3G connection (always online, receiving emails) music player is on maximum volume and other apps going on in the background and the phone chews it all like a small chewing gum. I start my round with two battery bars left, confident the phone will last at least an hour and a half of workout time and it did while capturing these screenshots. No doubt I've been spoiled by the stability and performance of the Nokia E71, now it's grown to be a life-companion and I bring it with me running those challenging kilometers, a joy to use really.

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