Part 1: Uploading Pictures From E71 To Facebook With Shozu

Admin Note: swestar brings us one solution to uploading photos to Facebook from your Nokia E71. In a few days Mike will show you Part 2 with another solution. More options the better. Right?

Ever wanted to quickly upload a picture to facebook after you've captured it? Instead of Email or MMS there's this free service called Shozu acclaimed to keep your social web mobile, here's a usage scenario for Shozu in 3 simple steps:

1) sign up on the Shozu website - download the supported application (You activate your facebook account on the site) Supported platforms: Symbian,WM, Blackberry and Iphone OS

2) snap a photo, tell Shozu you want to upload it to facebook

3) when you answer yes, it automatically uploads it to facebook

Not only does ShoZu support batch uploading of photos or videos to Flickr (only photos) YouTube (videos), and Facebook (only photos); it also interacts with Blogger, Box, Twitter, Cellfish, Kodak Easyshare Gallery, LiveJournal, Picasa Web Albums, Windows Live Spaces, Wordpress, and many more sites (see complete list).

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