E71 Browser: Opera Mini 5 Adds Copy & Paste, Multiple Tabs, Plus A New Look

Looking for a new browser for the E71? Already a hardcore Opera Mini user? Then you’ll be happy to know that Opera Mini 5 is now available for download and boy does it bring some solid updates. Opera is calling it “the next generation of mobile browsing”. Most dumbphone owners should be ecstatic about this latest release, but even smartphone people like myself are extremely impressed by what this browser brings to the table.

New Features Include:

  • tabbed browsing
  • copy/paste text on a page
  • UI update from previous version
  • password manager
  • speed dial w/ thumbnails
  • plus all the other great features Opera Mini has always had.

Since this is a beta version, you won’t be able to sync/import bookmarks. Good thing is when you install this version it won’t overwrite the previous version so don’t worry about losing bookmarks.


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Thanks to @e71fanatics twitter followers @taike_hk, @bbc_913, @gt_p, and @Abhinav08 for the screenshots.

Copy/Paste From The Browser

It’s amazing that Opera Mini – a java app – can give us this function and the built in S60 browser cannot.

Regardless, here is how to copy/paste from Opera on the E71:

Hold down the shift key and use the navipad to select the text you want. Copy option should be visible on softkey at this point. Then press and hold shift to paste...

Thanks to @jon_iz on twitter for the tip.

Don’t forget to modify all your settings. There are a ton of options to choose from.


Visit m.opera.com/next directly from your E71 to download.

Have you tried out this latest version of Opera Mini? Be sure to leave us your favorite tips.

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