Nokia E72 Hands On Video Demonstration

While news of the E72 has been scarce and having 0 announcements at Nokia World 2009, I cant get my mind off the amazing E-series handset that is looming in the shadows. While I did find the N900 interesting I feel the E72 is going to be even better. For the past year I have been using the E71, and its been one of the best phones I have ever used. The speed, the style, the keyboard, everything (but the camera!) is simple amazing. Although I own the N97, I find it hard to pickup since its capabilities are much more limited and I feel the E71 is simpler and more accessible.

Luckily some new video popped up today courtesy of FoneArena that shows the interface and how quickly things are being processed. The UI is simply gorgeous (the fade effects are exactly whats needed to bring life to S60). Also there is a bit of web surfing and Nokia Messaging, plus Optical Navi in action (who needs a touch screen when you have that?!). This video shows us exactly what the 600mhz processor is going to accomplish. A smoother, more stable experience. So in short what we are used to with the E71 but BETTER! While we bide our time for the release, enjoy the short clip below.

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