Just Black, N900, & E72 Themes For Nokia E71

It’s been quite some time since I posted up some new themes, probably because I haven’t seen many that have really caught my eye. However, in the past few weeks there have been a handful of Nokia E71 themes posted up over at TehkSeven.net and some of them are beautiful. The simple & lightweight theme called “Just Black” is my current favorite and a few others look great as well.

Check em out!…

Just Black




E72 Theme For E71




Maemo 5 N900 Theme For E71



That Maemo 5 N900 theme is also a personal favorite. I was extremely impressed by the theme that Nokia created for the N900 and was hoping somebody would recreate it. Thanks tehk!

If you haven't already heard about the new Nokia N900 be sure to check out this epic video.

Maemo is what's powering Nokia's newest flagship instead of Symbian S60 like the N97 and E71. Nokia announced the N900 is now shipping to retailers this week and should be hitting the shelves anytime. You can check out the N900 product page at Amazon if you’re interested

Hope you enjoy these themes for your E71!

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