Security: How To Remote Lock Your E71 From Another Phone

Let’s say you leave your Nokia E71 at school and don’t want your classmates seeing those luvvy-duvvy text messages you send to your girlfriend. Or maybe you can’t find your phone and don’t want anybody using it. The E71 has a great security feature called Remote Lock built in. Many people overlook or don’t notice this feature, but I think it’s a must-have for everyone with an expensive smartphone and sensitive data.

What does remote lock do? It allows you to send a unique message to your phone from another phone and it will lock.

You need to create a special phrase like “locke71” or anything you can remember. If you need to lock your phone so that nobody can access it or the files on the memory card you can send an SMS with that phrase you created from any phone to your phone and it will completely lock up immediately. The only way to unlock it is to use the phone’s lock code that you will create if you haven’t already.

Screenshot0078 Screenshot0079 Screenshot0080

Be sure to make a lock code that you can remember. The default code is 12345 if you have never set one up before. If you forget your lock code I do not know how to unlock the phone. Maybe someone here knows better than I do.

Does anybody already use this feature? Has anyone ever needed to use this feature?

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