Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 For E71 Out, Sync Bookmarks, Speed Dial, Settings

touch-link-donePerhaps the most advanced and useful application for the Nokia E71 & Symbian platform has just be updated to Beta 2. Of course I' am talking about the new Opera Mobile 10 which Nokia fanatics across the world have come to love.

One of the most highly demanded features of Opera Mobile has been bookmark sync – and now it’s here. This sync is not just for bookmarks. It also goes for certain settings and the popular speed dial feature that Opera users have come to love. Not to mention there is a very slick download manager to check out as well. The folks at Opera have really done themselves in with this latest release.

Note: If you've been using Opera Mini 5 - this is different & better.

Quote from today’s press release:

Opera today launched the second beta versions of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10, available as free downloads. In this second beta release, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users can now enjoy popular desktop features, such as Opera Link and the Download Manager, from their mobile phones.

With Opera Link, users can synchronize personal browser settings with their Opera desktop browser, as well as all their connected devices, ensuring that their bookmarks, Speed Dial and search engines are always accessible. The Download Manager gives users a better way to control and speed up downloads to mobile phones.

I love that Opera is seeing the value in syncing bookmarks and settings across the board. Now I just need to find a way to synchronize Opera Mobile with my Firefox/Chrome bookmarks. A 3 way sync might be necessary. I’m sure one of you readers can help me out there.

Check out a few screenshots (from S60v5 touch)…


Be sure to turn off “in-line editing” for this application to work properly with the E71’s secondary character buttons.


Click here for more information on Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 or click here from the E71’s default browser.

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