Official Skype App For E71 & E72 Now Available

Hey gals & gals! The official Skype application is finally out for the Nokia E71. Good thing is it works for the E63 and E72 as well. Not sure about the E71x, however. Something tells me that AT&T probably disabled this from working. All of the main features needed are included in the Skype application for Symbian. Contacts list (with thumbnails), chat, and talk are supposed to work without any problems. How awesome would it be if video chat was included?

Ruben from sent me a tweet today letting me know of his full review of Skype of the E71. He provides an overview of all the features along with screenshots. Be sure to check it out before trying it yourself.

Go to from your mobile browser to try Skype on your Nokia E71 or E72 smartphone. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and what can be improved!

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