Handy Weather For E71 & Symbian Smartphones 50% Off: Today Only!

One of the best weather solutions for the Nokia E71 is Handy Weather, although it normally is a little pricey. But some people live in harsh and ever-changing weather conditions and absolutely need a reliable weather application for their smartphone.

Today only Handy Weather is on sale - 50% off bringing it to $12.47.
Link: Handy Weather For E71

About Handy Weather:
Handy Weather is ready to make your life easier by providing the most accurate weather forecast service available for your S60 smartphone. All you need is wireless Internet access to get connected to weather forecast for 40,000+ preset cities worldwide. With extended feature set of Handy Weather nothing can be really unexpected for you!

NEW! Hourly forecast - to ensure you get the most adequate weather forecast available.
NEW! City list - one-screen summary forecast for all your favorite cities with instant switch feature.
Accurate forecasts - provided by Intellicast, the world’s leading weather forecast provider.
Hot weather news. Tune up automatic update options (every 4, 8, 12, 24 hours or at preset time) or update instantly to get the hottest weather news.
Global weather forecast covering over 40,000+ preset cities.
Detailed weather information including temperature, wind, UV index, humidity, etc.
Visualized forecasts. Choose one of the 5 Handy Weather views to see current weather conditions and forecasts at a glance.
Efficient traffic use. Never downloading advertising and spam Handy Weather generates only 6 KB of traffic while updating (for one city forecast).
Smart access to relevant information without complicated menus.
Weather screensaver – to see at a glance weather conditions for next 2 days.

Download Handy Weather For E71 today!

Anyone Have Questions About The Nokia E72? I'm Using It A Few More Days

Hello everyone. I have a review of the Nokia E72 lined up to be published, it will be mostly pictures and small details. There aren't many huge differences between the E71 and E72, but I'll just cover the most important ones. Before I get that review up I'd like to have an open forum type post, right here in the comments section of this article. I can respond to each one of your questions, hopefully my answers will help to make your decision if you've been thinking about buying the Nokia E72. Now is a really good time actually since Amazon has the E72 for $339.99 right now.

You might have questions about email, maps (free voice navigation), the keyboard, applications, speed, music experience, whatever.

Just scroll down to the comments section below and fire away!

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