Nokia E71 Firmware Version 410.21.010 Released; White E71 Going For $199

There has been some big news for the Nokia E71 as of late. We recently told you about Ovi Maps adding free voice navigation for E71 users, and now we get another firmware update (if you're one of the lucky ones). This new firmware brings the E71 to version 410.21.010 with a few new functions and a handful of changes and improvements. Good times!

Not to mention Amazon just dropped the price of the E71 White to $199.99. Update: The deal is now over, back up to regular price.

Not a bad deal if you don't feel like spending cash on the E72 ($339.99) and have been itching for the white E71 version. Personally I've never had my hands on the white E71 but I know a few people who absolutely adore it. Might be a good pickup if you can get some cash for your old E71 (maybe $100) and pick up a new white one with a renewed warranty.

Back to the firmware update!

Daily Mobile got their hands on the changelog for the new E71 firmware. Here it is:

Following baselines/functionalities have been upgraded.
• Nokia Messaging IM2.0.19
• Gimlet v9.6.0.16
• Mail for Exchange 3.0.50

• Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE. MFE3.0 has new features like HTML and Subfolders support.
• IM2.0.19 has many localization error corrections. IM installation has been moved to Phone Memory instead of Memory Card. IM response time has improved (Ex: entry/exit/edit/save options)
• Phone activation baseline upgraded
• Stability and functionality improvements
• Email and WLAN functionality improvements
• Email application freezes
• Samsung memory reboot issues
• Fix for phone reboot issue when contact has Internet telephony detail
• Fix for Chinese characters in Lunar calendar
• Fix for Western Sahara country legal issue
• Improvement in Connection establishment with slow gprs
• Fix for WLANsniffer scanning enabled in the background when it should be disabled
• Fix for contact search with space
• Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.176 to 3.0.50
• Gimlet updated to v9.6.0.16
• Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
• Fix for Gmail folder issue in UK and Germany for Gmail/GoogleMail configuration
• Fix for email application freeze
• Usability improvements
• Fix for Backslash character for Portugese language
• Fix for missing characters in French/Italian languages
• Improvement in sending SMS when memory is full
• Nokia IM chat response time improved. Lot of localization errors fixed
Visit Daily Mobile for a list of E71 product codes that got the update.

I can't get my Nokia E71 out of v20 firmware. It's still not finding any newer updates. I wonder how many of you are having this problem.

If you are able to update let us knhow how you like the new firmware. And remember to backup your data!

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