How To Change Fonts On Your Nokia E71

Hey pals! Hope you all are doing fine. Well, I assume that you have already hacked your firmware by referring to my previous post on hacking E71 firmware and now I am giving an awesome article about how to change the fonts of your phone ! I assure you that you are going to love this post too just as you loved my previous post and I thank each and everyone of you. So, the application we are going to use is named : FontRouter.

Without much delay, I explain you the procedure and as usual, I will try my level best to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Admin note: Hack at your own risk. If something happens to your phone we are not liable.

  • Things you will need : Your Firmware Hacked Nokia E71, Fontrouter, .ttf font file (must be a .ttf file) and that's it !
  1. Download and install FontRouter and restart your phone once.
  2. After installing, one thing i would like you to notice is that you will not find it in your installation folder or anywhere in your phone except application manager
  3. Now download the font of your need. I personally like Pristina font (download here) very much as they are stylish and decent.
  4. Now here comes the main and a very important part. Connect your phone to PC in "Mass storage" mode and open your memore card folder.
  5. I assume that your memory card drive is assigned as E drive, you may change it according to yours. Goto E:\resource and check if you have got any folder named "FONTS". If not, create it.
  6. Copy and paste the fonts you downloaded or any of your choice in that folder. Once done, Restart your phone and see the magic !!
  7. For more fonts downloads for free, you may check this article.

P.S. you must follow all the steps exactly as I mention here or I am not responsible for the result.

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