10 Reasons Why I Still Love My E71 !

Hello all ! I hope you all are doing fine and still enjoying your E71 ! This time I am back again with some of my experiences with E71 and reasons why I still love my Nokia E71. I hope you all will like it and must be having some similar experience with it and had a good and happy time using this wonderful phone ever by Nokia.

Well, I have owned 5-6 different models and atleast 4 of them were made by Nokia including one Nokia 5700 XM. Right now, I am just addicted to Nokia's user-interface which is said to be the most easiest user interface ever made by any mobile phone provider. I call that interface as a "Human touch". However, some of the nokia phones do have some software problems but they are to the less concern as that can be solved easily.

Some of the Nokia phones have less RAM and because of that, they get hanged or restart sometimes or the phone would switch off during the phone call or some phones would operate slowly due to the same RAM issue.

But the Nokia E71, which I purchased exactly 7 months ago has impressed me on all accounts. Let me list down and tell you the 10 reasons why even after using it for such a long time, I still love my Nokia E71 !

  1. 3G : This phone has got 3G which some of the other phones might not be having. I have used Skype , watched Youtube videos and have checked mails and for me, It has worked very well.
  2. QWERTY keypad : This phone has a blackberry style QWERTY pad which is a great advantage. I use my twitter all the time so I think I have utilized all the keys several times.
  3. GPS : It has got the best GPS technology and in recent news, Nokia has given free maps navigation for this device. For more details, you can read this article. This navigation system has helped me several times in an unknown city.
  4. Memory : When I purchased this phone, I had 2GB in it and I felt no need of buying a higher memory card but still now I have got an 8Gb memory card for it with which I can store so many music and data in it.
  5. Longer Battery Life : This phone has got probably the biggest battery I have ever seen in any phone. But the main thing is that it provides a very good battery backup. I charge my phone once in 2 days even though I keep it connected to GPRS all the time. Comparing it to Nokia E72, which needs to be charged everyday!
  6. Its Fast : This phone has got more RAM than Nokia N97 ! You might have noticed this too but for me, this is the fastest Nokia phone I have used. I have run 19 application at once on this phone and checked its capability and it was up to the mark.
  7. Its Beautiful : Talking about its design, I just love it ! Its so sleek with its steel body and mine is a white one!
  8. Decent Camera : It has got 3.2M camera which is quite a cool one to click daylight pictures, though its night result is not so good but for a tip, Press "T" while clicking pictures to set auto-focus!
  9. Softwares : As you all know, It runs on s60 v3 platform, so the software support is very high. This has a firmware which is very easy to hack. you can check this article to hack your Nokia E71. By doing this, you can install any unsigned application which gives you certificate error.
  10. Bluetooth : As I mentioned above, This phone has got wifi, 3G and GPS, it has inbuilt powerful bluetooth. I have got Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headphone which I connect with it and it provides a great music experience.
In short, E71 is a complete packaged phone which has got all business looks with great music experience and overall it is the best phone you should go for!

What are your experiences with E71 ? Are you still loving this device ? Let me know your views By leaving a comment below !

I am Rahul Banker, blog at thecopypasteblog. To know more about me and Nokia E71, follow me on my twitter : Bankerrahul.
Have a nice time, Cheers :)

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