Nokia E72 Hands On Video Demonstration

While news of the E72 has been scarce and having 0 announcements at Nokia World 2009, I cant get my mind off the amazing E-series handset that is looming in the shadows. While I did find the N900 interesting I feel the E72 is going to be even better. For the past year I have been using the E71, and its been one of the best phones I have ever used. The speed, the style, the keyboard, everything (but the camera!) is simple amazing. Although I own the N97, I find it hard to pickup since its capabilities are much more limited and I feel the E71 is simpler and more accessible.

Luckily some new video popped up today courtesy of FoneArena that shows the interface and how quickly things are being processed. The UI is simply gorgeous (the fade effects are exactly whats needed to bring life to S60). Also there is a bit of web surfing and Nokia Messaging, plus Optical Navi in action (who needs a touch screen when you have that?!). This video shows us exactly what the 600mhz processor is going to accomplish. A smoother, more stable experience. So in short what we are used to with the E71 but BETTER! While we bide our time for the release, enjoy the short clip below.

Preorder The Nokia N900 Now At Amazon

For those of you looking for a new form factor or just another device to compliment your E71 you might find it interesting that is taking preorders for the Nokia N900 right now. Surprisingly the device is selling for under $600, I thought it would go for over $650 given it’s great specs and popularity. Amazon currently has the N900 priced at $588.99 as shown in the link below, but that price can change at any time.

Nokia N900 Mobile Computer Unlocked Cell Phone


  • 800 × 480 pixel resolution
  • TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • Up to 1GB of application memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)
  • Full QWERTY onscreen keyboard
  • Quad-band GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA 900/1700/2100 MHz
  • Maximum speed PS 10/2 Mbps (DL/UL)
  • Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support
  • Video recording at up to 848 × 480 pixels (WVGA) and up to 25fps
  • Video playback file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263



As you can see it does not feature the Symbian S60 operating system. Instead it runs Maemo, which is what Nokia has used in it’s internet tablets such as the N810. The N900 is a beast considering my home PC only has 512mb RAM and a 40gb hardrive. Add a 16gb microSD card in the N900 and you have yourself 48gb. Yikes!

AT&T Users Beware: The N900 has 3g bands for North America – but they only work with T-Mobile. No clue why Nokia chose to go this route after so many of it’s unlocked smartphone fans switched to AT&T.

I’m curious to know how many of you are interested in the Nokia N900 as your next smartphone.

Visit the Nokia N900 preorder page for more details.

E71 Browser: Opera Mini 5 Adds Copy & Paste, Multiple Tabs, Plus A New Look

Looking for a new browser for the E71? Already a hardcore Opera Mini user? Then you’ll be happy to know that Opera Mini 5 is now available for download and boy does it bring some solid updates. Opera is calling it “the next generation of mobile browsing”. Most dumbphone owners should be ecstatic about this latest release, but even smartphone people like myself are extremely impressed by what this browser brings to the table.

New Features Include:

  • tabbed browsing
  • copy/paste text on a page
  • UI update from previous version
  • password manager
  • speed dial w/ thumbnails
  • plus all the other great features Opera Mini has always had.

Since this is a beta version, you won’t be able to sync/import bookmarks. Good thing is when you install this version it won’t overwrite the previous version so don’t worry about losing bookmarks.


1da27384306b3e412db7fd03ba3782e2_full 30121755 30123934-5db795b7dfece1c9fb1f3914cbd88999.4ab0fac4-full app970991253112993 app970991253113024 be1bf93a8f2da8a5f1fd2d1caabb8d35_view

30124148 30127712-1bf83473da63949622c44639f7d944d5.4ab1002d-full

Thanks to @e71fanatics twitter followers @taike_hk, @bbc_913, @gt_p, and @Abhinav08 for the screenshots.

Copy/Paste From The Browser

It’s amazing that Opera Mini – a java app – can give us this function and the built in S60 browser cannot.

Regardless, here is how to copy/paste from Opera on the E71:

Hold down the shift key and use the navipad to select the text you want. Copy option should be visible on softkey at this point. Then press and hold shift to paste...

Thanks to @jon_iz on twitter for the tip.

Don’t forget to modify all your settings. There are a ton of options to choose from.


Visit directly from your E71 to download.

Have you tried out this latest version of Opera Mini? Be sure to leave us your favorite tips.

Bluetooth Headsets For The E71: So Many Choices, Which To Choose?

Picking a bluetooth heads to compliment your Nokia E71 can be a challenging task since there are so many choices out there. There are many different brands and types to choose from, even Nokia is in the bluetooth market. Some of you may be looking for a good bluetooth headset just for making calls and others may be looking for a killer stereo bluetooth headset so you can avoid wires and the uncommon 2.5mm headset jack. The sound out of my stereo bluetooth seems to be much better than the headphones that came in the box with the E71.

I’ve personally been using the same stereo headset for over a year – the Nokia BH-501. I’ll show you that pair, along with a few others from Nokia and a chart of the best sellers.

Nokia BH-501


Product Description:
Listen to stereo music wirelessly from your compatible device, and switch effortlessly between music and phone calls with the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-501. Control your phone calls from the buttons integrated into the headset. The large, comfortable earpieces wrap around your ears so you know they're secure while you're on the move. When you need your ears for something else, the headphones fold up for compact storage.


  • Weight - 2.4 ounces
  • Buttons - On/Off, Answer/End, Volume, Voice Dialing
  • Charger - Same as Nokia E71
  • Bluetooth Profiles - Headset Profile (HSP), Hands Free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Transmission Length – 30ft
  • Run Time - Approx. 11 hours; Standby Time - 150 hours

Obviously I highly recommend this pair since it’s the one I use. Only drawback is the lack of music playback buttons.

Reviews: Read 19 customer reviews.

Price: Buy the Nokia BH-501 Bluetooth Music Headset at Amazon $54.88.

Nokia BH-503


Product Description:
The large, comfortable earpieces wrap around your ears so you know they're secure while you're on the move. The right earpiece includes music playback controls (pause, reverse, forward) as well as a dedicated control for accessing your mobile phone when a call comes in. The headset provides up to 11 hours of talk and music playback time and up to 210 hours (8.75 days) of standby time. The Nokia BH-503 wireless stereo headset is for you if you appreciate excellent audio quality, great wearability, and laid-back design. This headset lets you lose yourself in the music knowing you won't miss a call.


  • Bluetooth version: 2.0+EDR
  • Bluetooth profiles: Headset Profile (HSP), Handsfree Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  • Operating range: Up to 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Control keys: Power and call management, music playback (play/pause, reverse, forward), volume
  • Talk time: 11 hours; Music playback: 11 hours.

I personally haven’t tried these, but if I were to upgrade my 501’s I would go with this headset.

Reviews: Read 14 customer reviews.

Price: Buy the Nokia BH-503 Wireless Stereo Headset for $59.88.

Nokia BH-103


Production Description:
Now these headphones are badass. The BH-103 are like a wired headset, except the control sits around your next and then stops. The wires go over your shoulders and into the ears. Listen comfortably to your music - and to others - in stereo sound with the changeable earplugs, and hang the headset easily around your neck for hassle-free music and conversation.


  • switch between music and calls automatically
  • Manage calls easily with the single multifunction button
  • Support for voice dialing and redialing (with compatible device)
  • Listen in comfort with soft earplugs and durable neck strap
  • Talk up to 7 hours with up to 150 hours of standby time
  • Stay informed on status changes with the colourful LED indicator

Price: Buy the Nokia BH-103 Bluetooth Headset $42.47.

Recommended By Readers

I recently asked E71 Fanatics followers on Twitter which headset they personally use. I got back a few different responses, all with good feedback. Here are a few recommendations:

(Can't view chart is some rss readers.)


Top Selling Bluetooth Headsets

Whenever I shop online I make sure to watch the bestsellers list to see what other consumers are buying and read reviews. The bluetooth bestsellers list shows the Plantronics taking the top spot, following by Samsung and Motorola. That list includes standard bluetooth headsets, not only stereo.

What’s Your Favorite?

I would really like to know which bluetooth headset the readers use and if you like it. In about a month or too I’ll be shopping for a new pair myself, as of right now I’m looking at the 503’s by Nokia.

Not shopping in the USA? Visit the Amazon International Sites.

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