Free E71 Software: Two New Photo Gallery Apps That Will Kick You In The Behind

Today I’m going to show you not one, but two free Nokia E71 & E71x applications for you to download to your smartphone. One of the major downfalls of the E71 in my eyes is the weak and boring built in Gallery application. It really does nothing as far as eye goes and makes me dread showing off photos on my device.

Not to worry. This is where these two applications come in, both are made by Nokia and are currently in beta.

Nokia Image Exchange

I’m showing you this first since it’s the furthest along in terms of speed and stability. Nokia Image Exchange is more than an application, it’s also a place where you can upload your photos do a server and view them later. It’s completely experimental but I do like this idea. Keep in mind you don’t have to use the upload features, you can just use it as a standalone application.

Video Demonstration:

Click here to learn more about Nokia Image Exchange.

Nokia Photo Browser

This application is more  eye catching than it is usable. Fire up Nokia Photo Browser when you want to show off some glitz and glamour to your iPhone pals. The newest  version is a lot more stable than before and has a few new features like the ability to send to contacts and a few other minor updates and fixes. Keep in mind this is also early beta but I’m looking forward to seeing the continuing development over at the labs.

Video demonstration is on the Nokia 5800xm. Some features will work differently on your E71…

Click here to learn more about Nokia Photo Browser.

Be sure to follow the download and installation instructions very carefully.

Let me know which application you like better. If you have any problems or suggestions leave a comment over at Nokia Beta Labs so you can help make these applications great. Believe me THEY LISTEN!

E71 Screen Protector: Which Is The Best & Are They Needed?

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to protect their investments including our expensive smartphones. Having a screen protector on your Nokia E71 or E71x may not be pretty – but it does the job of keeping your screen free of scratches and dings.


The above image is the invisibleSHIELD by Zagg for the Nokia E71 & E71x. They sell either the full body shield which is some kind of pre-formed clear plastic or just the screen protector itself. I've seen a buddy have the entire casing on his E71 and at first glance it's hard to tell that it's even there. Personally I don't think I need the full casing but a screen protector will do wonders for keeping the value of my E71. When trying to resell it someday there is a big difference between a phone with no scratches and a phone with clear scratches on the screen.

Here are a few places where you can find a good E71 screen protector…

invisibleShield by Zagg: Click here to visit Zagg's website and search for "E71".

Wireless Emporium: Nokia E71/71x Screen Protector Film

Eforcity: Reusable Screen Protector for Nokia E71

Amazon: E71 Screen Protectors

I have also seen a lot of people mention the Clarivue protectors as well.

I don’t have much experience with screen protectors so I’m kind of curious to see what you recommend. Is it even needed? Well, on the E71 I’d say yes. I try and keep good care of my phones and I STILL have a few noticeable scratches.

Do you use a screen protector? If so – what brand and how is it?

E71 Theme: Fissure By tehkSeven Brings Elegance And Class To Your Smartphone

I only show you guys Nokia themes that I absolutely love myself… and nothing less. If I’m going to install a theme on my E71 it had better be high quality with close attention to detail. Our favorite theme master has done it again with his newest creation called “Fissure”.


Fissure by tehkSeven is a dark colored theme with black and grey patterns and highlights. I’ve been using it on my E71 for the past 24 hours and it is spectacular. It’s been my primary theme on my Nokia N97 for about 5 days now and I’m hooked.

But his one doesn’t come free. Yep – that’s right. It’s time Mr. tehk makes a little bit of extra dough for all the time he puts into his themes, but not to worry the price is very affordable.The pricing for his premium themes are as tehk describes…

The price of this theme is 1 Euro for the default icon version and 2 Euro for the seven icon version.

I plan on selling the complete package for 7 Euros. However, this price is subject to change because I have yet to develop a full seven icon set for 5th edition devices.

This package is to include:
Standard Series (Pre FP1, FP1, FP2 Devices) - Default Icon Version
Standard Series (Pre FP1, FP1, FP2 Devices) - Seven Icon Version
E Series - Default Icon Version
E Series - Seven Icon Version
5th Edition - Default Icon Version
5th Edition - Seven Icon Version

This saves a total of 2 Euros and is a great deal for Nokia owners with multiple devices.

I think it’s worth it to pay for the custom “seven” icon version because that’s a huge reason why this theme looks so dang good. At the current conversation rate 2 Euros comes out to about $2.77 USD.

A couple of screenshots…



Very nice! According to tehk this Fissure theme should be available in 1-2 days.

I’m curious to see what you guys and gals think of the pricing. Would you pay a few bucks for a theme that is top notch?

Click here to learn more about Fissure or find it soon in the Ovi Store.

Nokia E72 Announced – Videos Demonstrations Galore


If you haven’t paid attention to the news wire lately then you haven’t heard the big news. Nokia just unveiled the Nokia E72 – an upgraded clone of the Nokia E71. Discussion about the E72 has already started over at the E71 Fanatics forums about the E71 here and here, many stating that it’s not worth the upgrade. Personally I think it’s what the E71 should have been all along – and it’s interesting see the 5mp camera on this puppy. With the release of the Nokia N97 and it’s qwerty keypad on this E72 with a great camera – you can really tell that Nokia is blurring the lines between the Eseries and Nseries.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Over at the forums user Chimera says the main differences are:

- E72 has optical trackpad
- 3.5 mm audio jack
- 250MB internal
- 5 MP Camera
- Symbian 9.3 S60 V3.2

looks like a slight upgrade to the E71? unless I'm missing something…

nokia-e72-5 For some it might be a slight upgrade and for others this is huge. My main beef with the Nokia E71 is the 2.5mm audio jack and weak camera. The E72 solves this as long as the audio quality and internal camera software is upgraded. I can care less about the rest of the specs, although having Feature Pack to would be nice. I’ve never been a fan of trackpads or trackballs so that isn’t relevant. I think the E71 d-pad is one of the best I’ve ever used. With that said – I don’t think this would be a huge upgrade for me – but it’s always nice to have the newest toys right? I’m not sure what the pricing would be on this but obviously it would drive DOWN the price of the E71 even more – thus making it even more popular. So to call this an upgrade all depends on the individual. If you don’t listen to music and snap a lot of photos there is no need to upgrade unless you really want the newer OS. But for those folks that love the Nseries for the multimedia capabilities, this might help bridge the gap a bit.

Enough talk. How about some video!

Here is a close look at how smooth the E72 trackpad actually is, and a closeup view of the E72 and it’s OS. He also places the E72 next to the E71 on the table so you can see them side by side...

Very nice video! This one is great too. A rundown of the device from a Nokia employee...

Another hands on video, this time by Nokia Conversations...

And lastly is the commercial for the E72 put out by Nokia...

I'm really excited about this device. The UI looks very smooth as does the Messaging application. I hope a firmware update will bring that version of Nokia Messaging to the E71. And before you ask - I don't know if the E71 will ever be upgraded to Feature Pack 2. If we go by history then I'd say NO since Nokia has never done that with any devices.

What are your thoughts on the Nokia E72? Will you be looking to pick one up?

Prestige E71 Theme Updated, Fissure Next In Line From tehkSeven


For those of you that don’t already subscribe to tehk’s RSS feed, his popular Prestige (Solace) theme I showed you awhile back ago has been updated with bug fixes and new icons. Over the past few months tehk has been working hard to add many 3rd party applications that weren’t included before.

Click here to visit tehk’s page and download the updated version.

In other news, tehk is working on a new premium theme called Fissure which is probably my most favorite theme EVER. It’s a dark colored theme with black and grey highlights. I especially love it since the colors represent my favorite hockey team – the LA KIngs. If he only dropped a hint of dark purple in there I would be in love. That brings me a though – tehk if you are reading these – you should make a line of premium themes based on sports teams. I would love to see a LA Dodgers version of your themes.

Ok enough jibber jabber – check out these screenshots of Fissure on the Nokia 5800xm":



I’ve tested out this theme on my 5800xm and it’s beautiful. I can’t wait for the E71 version. Check out tehk’s Fissure announcement here.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. More articles to come this wee so stay tuned!

Nokia N97 Goes On Sale Worldwide! Check Out These N97 Specs & E71 Comparisons

The Nokia N97 is the hottest talk in the mobile world right now besides the E71 of course. Sporting a 3.5" inch full touchscreen, qwerty keyboard, 32gb built in, 5mp camera, and all the other multimedia specs that make the Nseries so popular - the N97 is creating quite the buzz around the web. We haven't seen any major retailers actually shipping the device yet, but it's already gone on sale and many are reporting shipping in 2-3 weeks.

I even got caught up in the Nokia N97 wave! My fiance is really wanting one so I figured why not expand my Fanatic network to the N97 realm. Needless to say I'll be snagging the phone from her on occasion, and swapping my SIM betweet the E71 and this hot new device. If you decide to pick up the N97 you can still get my generous help and knowledge by visiting the newly launched N97 Fanatics page at Don't worry - this page will still be updated and paid attention to the same way it's always been ;)

Where To Buy The N97

If you're looking for N97 deals there are a few options. Over at N97 Fanatics you can find a page that shows all the best prices for N97 contracts and mobile plans for those in the UK. It's a great comparison tool which let's you pick the right plan for you. Click here for N97 United Kingdom plans.

People in the United States should be happy to hear that the NAM version of the N97 will be available at the same time as the rest of the world. Amazon is currently taking orders and shipping date says June 30th. Click here for pricing.

E71 vs. N97 Specs and Photos

Many people have emailed me asking to compare the E71 to the N97. One of the major differences is the size and form factor. Many people cannot part ways with the E71 mainly because of it's perfect size and sturdy build.

Check out this awesome photo that Paul Jacobson took of the N97 and E71 side by side.

For more comparison photos visit this link.

Want to see the specs side by side? Check out the comparison chart below. (may not be viewable in some RSS readers.)

Are any of you contemplating picking up the Nokia N97? Let us know your thoughts.

Finally: Google App For The Nokia E71

For the longest time I’ve been waiting for Google to create a Symbian application that put all their services in one place. I’m a huge user of Google services, taking advantage of Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Maps, Youtube, and Picasa – all on my Nokia E71. I’ve covered various Google services on this blog such as Gmail, Calendar, Maps, and Youtube so check out those links if you’re curious. This article is all about the new Google App for Symbian smartphones. It finally ties all these services into one package, and boy does it save me a ton of clicks and shortcuts.

The Google Mobile App is more like a quick launcher to their various services, more than it is a full on application. If you want to be able to launch Gmail, Maps, and Youtube you must already have those apps installed. Reminder: If you use those applications be sure to update them to the latest versions. They’ve all been updated in the past month or so. Pretty much all the other services are just a bookmark to their highly mobile optimized websites. My favorite part about this app is it takes advantage of the GPS to be aware of your location when searching the web. So if you type in “coffee shop” the first results will be near you. Same goes for “movie times”.

How To Use

Launch: From the homescreen, push the Delete key to bring up the launcher.


As you can see the top row is currently configured to access my favorite Google shortcuts. From left to right: Maps, Reader, News, Youtube.

Intuitive Search: When you search the web it gives you suggestions as your typing. Below I wanted to find “black eyed peas” and it found it quickly, even giving me a result for their latest hit song.


More Apps: If you push more at the end of the shortcuts list you get even more shortcuts to other services. Scroll down again and there is MORE! Push options on this screen to re-arrange your shortcuts.


Settings: There are quite a few settings to work with which is great. Props to Google for giving us options. As you can see I have the Quick Key Reminder set to NO since it looks ugly on my homescreen. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you install the app.


Settings besides the three you see above include Use My Location, Search History, Show Suggestions, and Country.

And that’s basically it! The app is very simple yet it does so much for me.

I no longer need a Google Maps or Youtube shortcut on my homescreen. I no longer need to dig through my bookmarks to get to Reader, Picasa, or News. It’s all accessible from the homescreen using the Delete key. Congrats to Google for bringing us such a solid application – and of course it’s FREE.


Go to to download from your E71 or this link if you’re on the computer. I’m not sure if this works on the E71x. Let us know if it does.

Don’t forget about Google’s awesome “search terms” service. It makes finding out the simple things very easy, displaying results on the Google page without having to visit a website. Say I need to know the score of the Los Angeles Lakers game last night. I search for “lakers score” and I’m presented with the screenshot below.


I need to see movie times for the new Terminator movie in my area. Type “terminator salvation showtimes” from the Google Mobile App on my E71 and it knows my location and presents me with these results


Weather report is another term I use sometimes. This saves me so much time not having to load a full website. Click here to read more about this service and what other search terms will give these results.

Have you tried this out yet? If not – start using Google and see how easy it makes everything.

E71 Weather Application: Psiloc Traveler Has Clean Interface & Homescreen Plugin

A good weather application for the E71 and E71x is pretty hard to come by, especially if you want it free. In the past I’ve used widgets, mobile website (as bookmarks), and recently Here and Now by Nokia. Just this morning I came across another solution – this one seems to very promising if you just need the current conditions and five day forecast.

Psiloc World Traveler

Psiloc World Traveler is a free application that gives you the five day forecast, a world clock, updated currencies, a world map, flight status, and optional plugins. I will mostly be using this application for checking weather on my Nokia E71, but the world clock will surely come in handy.

Here is how the five day forecast and current conditions looks:


Weather Settings:




World Time:


You might have noticed on the weather settings screenshot it shows “weather on main screen”. Psiloc Traveler puts the current conditions as a task on your homecreen, giving you temperature and wind conditions. Personally I don’t think I will be needed this, but some of you will. Screenshot:


Give this a whirl and see how you like it. One feature I’d like to see added is a web link to see more detailed weather statistics. But for now I’d say this is an excellent free solution to getting weather on the Nokia E71 and E71x.

Official Website
Direct Download Link


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