Google Calendar & The E71: How Do You Sync?

I get the question all the time of "How do I sync my E71 with Google Calendar?". Well, there are a few ways that I know of. I'm not gonna talk about commercial solutions (pay) but instead free solutions. I know there are a few commercial google calendar & Nokia S60 solutions but I haven't tried em out yet.

Warning: Backup both calendars before trying these solutions.

Solution One: CalSyncS60 for the Nokia E71

This is perhaps the quickest and simplest solution for the Nokia E71. CalSyncS60 is still in beta and isn't an "automatic" sync, instead you have manually launch the app and hit "sync" when your ready. Also it only allows you to sync your personal calendar and not all the other calendars you have added. They update this application often and constantly add more functionality. Check It Out.

Solution Two: NuevaSync for the Nokia E71 (long)

Using the Exchange Sync Protocol, NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. For this to work on the Nokia E71 you obviously need to have the Mail For Exchange installed and running in the background. Cool thing all the calendars that I create in Google Calendar sync perfectly with this solution. You can set up an automatic sync schedule and control lots of settings. This takes a bit more to setup but works perfectly if you follow the instructions. NuevaSync is also a beta solution but so far I'm loving it.

Instructions to set up NuevaSync on your E71 (warning LONG)...

1. Sign Up. Point your browser to Go to the Signup page and make your account. Here you will make your own username and password, do not your Google account's information (yet). Wait for your confirmation email and then login to NuevaSync.

2. Grand Access. After logging in you will see the Status & Setup page. Here you will notice four different options to sync (Calendar, Contacts, Email, & Tasks). Right now only Calendar and Contacts are possible. I haven't yet tried out Contacts. Under actions click the "setup" link. The next page is where you'll type in your Google account email address and ask Google to give account access to NuevaSync. Make sure you click "Grant Access". Note: You can deny access anytime after granting access if you no longer want to use NuevaSync.

3. Verify A Connection. After granting access you will be taken back to the Status & Setup page. You should see a green light next to the Calendar row. Click that to verify your Google Calendar is able to sync with NuevaSync servers. Note: Only the calendars you create will sync because they are writeable. Other Calendars like Holidays and Weather will not sync.

4. Download & Install Mail For Exchange. Click the link "need help configuring your phone" on the NuevaSync page. You'll notice there is no help for Symbian S60 users. This is why I have made these instructions for you.

Screenshot0119 - Share on Ovi

Now is where Mail For Exchange comes in. Go to this link to download Mail For Exchange for the Nokia E71 if you don't already have it.

5. Mail For Exchange and NuevaSync settings.

Connection Tab
Exchange Server:
Secure Connection: Yes
Default Port: Yes

Credentials Tab
Username: your NuevaSync username
Password: your NuevaSync password

Sync Content Tab
Synchronise Calendar: Yes
Everything else: No
In Case Of Conflict: I put "Server Wins"

Sync Schedule
Set these options to whatever you want. You can create a Peak Time and an Off-Peak Time, including days and hours. My Peak Schedule is "Every 4 hours", Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. My Off Peak Schedule is the other two days "Every 12 hours". If you want you can leave these settings to "Always On" or "Manual".

Any other settings can be tweaked to your liking. After you save your Profile you should see "Connecting" and "Syncing Calendar" under Current Status. If you see an error message than you have done something wrong and you must go back and look closely at your settings.

When your finished you can close Mail For Exchange and it will work in the background. I don't even think you will see the application in your task list, but I assure you that it is still there and working.

Whew! Good luck on either solution you try. Let me know if you have any problems.

Suggestions From You

Do any of you have another solution that works for you? I'd really like to know whether it be commercial or freeware. How do you sync your E71 calendar with Google Calendar?

E71 Tip: Turn Off Breathing Light, Get Your Old S60 Clock Back

I just came across this tip while reading over at my hangout aka Howard Forums. Many people who know S60 and Nokia phones have missed the old clock that used to show up as the screensaver. Sure we know you can push the center d-pad button and see the time but some still want the clock always on.

How To Do This?

In a specific Profile, you can turn off your breathing light. After you do that, the clock above will show whenever the E71 goes into screensaver mode.

It sucks that you can't use this AND the breathing light. But some people find the E71 breathing light useless.

Let me know if you get this working. Do any of you have any clock solutions that include the breathing light?

Thanks again to ynotbike from Hofo for the tip.

E71 & Mode Settings - Setting Up Work & Play. How Is Yours Set Up?

One of my favorite features of the Nokia E71 is the new Mode Settings. Every single S60 phone should come with this functionality, but obviously Nokia is using this as an exclusive selling point to buy the E71 or E66.

I'm sure many of you have already figured these settings out, if not check out this video.

Sorry for the crappy video I'm still getting used to that application. But you get the point right?

Pretty much you can have two variations of a homescreen and theme which can be switched with one click. I have one for Work and another for Play. When I'm at work I have my work email inbox shown on my homescreen along with calendar entries, Wlan scanning, to-do's, etc. In the active standby apps row I like to have Active Notes, Multiscanner, Quickoffice, Google Maps, & Conversation.

With one click I can easily switch to my "Play" mode when I get off work. This includes the Music Player, Sports Tracker, Shozu, Slick Instant Messanger, & Conversation. Below the active standby shortcut applications I have Wlan scanning, my personal email, and Music Player enabled. My theme is also changed to a more personalized theme. Right now I have a LA Kings hockey team theme as my "Play" theme.

Have you set up your E71's modes? If so what apps/shortcuts do you use to make your daily life more efficient?

Free E71 Theme: Abstraction By Pizero

Pizero is hands down one of the best Nokia theme makers. I've loved his themes for the past year, they always look great on all devices.

Check out Abstraction by Pizero...

Unfortunately there are a few icons that have not been changed, but the rest of the icons are upgraded version of the default icons you see on Nseries devices.

Click here to download this free Nokia E71 Theme.

Poll: What Level Of Nokia S60 Experience Do You Have? Vote Now!

Hi everyone. This blog is getting tons of users and fast, and the Help Section is exploding with questions. I have an important question and I hope to get as many answers as possible.

What Level Of Experience Do You Have With Nokia & Symbian S60 3rd Edition smartphones?

Vote In The Poll In The Right Column!

Reason I'm asking is because I want to know if I need to focus more articles here on the "basics" of learning how to use the E71 with all the little tricks it has. I have a feeling most of you are new to the Nokia world so I will do my best to show you all the ins and outs.

At the same time I want to focus on some of current events going on in the Nokia/Symbian world that might require some pre-knowledge of certain services and applications. I know there are a ton of people who have switched from the N82 or N95, or simply upgraded their older Eseries device.

Either way I'm going to cater to both and like always if you have questions feel free to ask. This site is all about discussion and communication so keep the inquiries coming.

So Go Vote In The Poll In The Right Column!

Oh and leave your comments below if you can. Are you upgrading from a previous Nokia or are you brand new to S60 3rd Edition?

RF Issues & The E71-2... Are You Having Similar Problems?

I came across this article today about the Nokia E71 NAM and people having RF issues. Calls dropping and zero bars in normally strong RF areas seem to be a problem for some E71-2 users. Like the author of that article, I haven't seen any of these problems. In fact I've noticed the E71 gets slightly more bars than my N82 in bad signal areas.

Gwapz linked to a few threads where you can find people complaining of this problem. In one poll it seems that only 54% of the 123 voters are happy with their RF. That's not a good number.

Gwapz says,
I could go to places where I had the N95 and not have signal, and now using the E71 and have full strength signal, It is really weird, and I am so loving this phone..

Something tells me that there were bad batches and some good ones.

I'm going to have to agree. Personally if I did have this problem the phone would already be on it's way back to Nokia. They are known for having the best signal strength and these problems are not acceptable.

Click here to read the full article at Mobile World Innovation.

Have any of you noticed a problem with the signal strength of your Nokia E71?

Always Install Applications & Themes On The E71 Phone Memory - It's For The Best

I can't stress this enough. If you want your phone to run smoothly and efficiently you'll follow this simple rule. Always install applications, themes, & games on the PHONE MEMORY. The Nokia E71 has more than enough phone memory to install everything oni it, without having to use a memory card. It's harder on the phone when it has to access a different drive like the memory card to read and write constant data. Keep your memory card solely for all your media like videos, music, photos, etc. You can even store your downloaded Maps from the Nokia Maps application on the memory card.

Think of it like this. Would you install programs to run on Windows on an external hard drive? No. Your computer will work harder to access and it's just not efficient.

Mathew from the popular mobile blog Darla Mack has recently posted a great article backing up my thoughts on this topic. He covers three parts - Frequency, Start Up, and Portability. He notes that in previous days the memory card was required for applications because there wasn't much space on the device memory. But times have changed and now there is more than enough. Click here to jump over and read that article.

What do you think? Do you have a different opinion? I would love to hear the other side of a theory.

Here Is The New E71 Help Section - Post Your Questions Here

As many of you already know there is a Help Section here at E71 Fanatics. The last one had about 150 comments and just got too cluttered. There is a new comment section that you will see below where I can respond to you guys individually with threaded conversations. You will notice under each message there is a "reply" link where you can discuss that question with us. If you already know the answer to someone's question feel free to answer it.

The new commenting system using a service called Disqus. You can create an account if you'd like so it will help you keep track of all your conversations on this site and other sites which use Disqus like If you don't want to create an account you can still post as a guest. Either way is fine by me.


Ok enough of the jibberish. Leave any questions you have for me below and I'll do my best to get them answered. Click here if you need to see the old help section.

New Comment System Implemented Here At The Fanatics Blog

Hey everyone. Just letting you know I am implementing a new comment system here at the E71 Fanatics blog that will be powered by software called Disqus. It should be better for everyone. Stay tuned throughout the day for more updates.

Also if you leave a question in the Help section it will be answered on a new help page today or tomorrow.

Conversation On The E71: Get Threaded SMS Similar To Gmail

One of my favorite features of Gmail is how it's emails are threaded based on contacts and subjects. I believe that Blackberry devices have a similar SMS system. Nokia is developing a freeware application called Conversation which gives you this functionality on the Nokia E71.

According to the Nokia page,
Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your message conversations, which it organizes into threads with individual contacts. The application also makes it easier to reply to messages and continue with conversations.

After installation, the application will appear in your device as an application shortcut, and as a new tab in your Contacts application.

Right now there is no version for the Nokia E71 officially supported, but I have the E90 version installed and it works fine. I haven't seen any glitches or problems at all. You can assign it as a shortcut on your standby screen. I have mine as the long press email key which works great with my setup. The email key takes me to the email application, and if I hold it down for 2 seconds it takes me to the Conversation application where I can read all my text messages.

I hope that someday Nokia implements this as the default messaging application but it doesn't. However, when you open a message in Conversation it will be marked as read in the default messaging system. Another quirk is when a new text arrives and you want to click the notification to read it you will be taken to the default message app. Now I just end up going straight to my Conversation shortcut.

Have you tried this application out yet?

Click here to install Conversation on your Nokia E71. Make sure to follow the instructions and download the E90 version.

E71 Shortcuts To Copy/Paste, Mark Items, etc - All You Need Here!

With all the keys that the Nokia E71 has, there has to be a ton of little shortcuts right? You know, copy/paste, lock, highlight, etc. Knowing all these little E71 shortcuts can be extremely handy you will find.

To Mark A Single Item On The E71:

Shift + center d-pad

To Mark Multiple Items On The E71:

Shift + d-pad down/up

To Copy & Paste On The E71:

Ctrl+C (but you need to hold down Func+Chr+C to get this on the keyboard). You can highlight text (in edit situations) by holidng the shift key and moving the direction pad. Copy will appear as on of the softkey labels. (thanks to this post)

Bluetooth Shortcut On The E71 (not on all product codes):

Press and Hold * key.

Switch Between Silent & General Profile On The E71 (not on all product codes):

Press and Hold # key.

Shortcut To Launch Browser From Standby Screen On E71:

Press and Hold 0 (zero)

Bring Open List Of Open Applications On The E71:

Hold down Menu/Home key.

Thats all I can think of for now. They should all work correctly like they do for me. Let me know if you can't get some of the functions working. I jotted these down quick so I might have made some typos.

If you guys have any others I would love to know some!

Switching To E71 From Other Nokia? Use The Switch Application

If your a new E71 user coming from a Nokia N95, N82, or any other Nokia S60 phone you can easily retrieve your Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar Entries, Messages, Recent Calls, Notes, and much more over bluetooth. The application called Phone Switch is already installed on your E71 and makes this task painless.

You can also use this application to sync to Nokia devices if your constantly switching back and forth. Whenever I want to take my N82 out on the weekends I simply fire up Phone Switch and get everything in sync between both phones.

Here is the list of what Switch can sync...

Calendar Entries
Recent Calls
Sound Clips
Video Clips
Active Notes

Tip: If you have an S40 phone this application should work for sending Contacts, Calendar Entries, and Notes, as noted by Rita from

For more details and screenshots of Phone Switch check out this article by The Symbian Blog.

Need To Transfer More Than Just The Basics?
And if you need to transfer everything else from your old Nokia to your new E71, then check out "The Ultimate Guide To Switching Devices" article - also created by Rity from Symbian-Guru. It may get a little tricky but if you really need to do this then that guide is for you. Click here to give it a shot.

E71 ProClip Car Mount Holder Gets A Detailed Review

I've been getting lots and lots of emails from you guys asking about a good car mount made for the Nokia E71. There are dozens that you can find on ebay and even more universal car mounts on But not many are made as solid as the ProClip car mount, according to Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog.

He recently got his hands on this solid yet pricey accessory for the E71. He shows off two versions of the ProClip. One has a built in car charger and the other doesn't. The mount with the charger allows you to just set your E71 into the slot and it is plugged in. This is so convenient because you don't have to worry about plugging it in when your in a rush. If you want to save money you can always go for the version without the built in car charger.

So what is Mark's verdict? He says,
The ProClip holder for the Nokia E71 fits perfectly with the phone. You just slide it in and can feel how secure it is in place. Since the mount was also made specifically for my car model, I don’t have to worry about my phone falling off when hitting those nasty New York City potholes.
Expensive but worth it.

And yes it's expensive. Overall your looking at around $90 for the non-charger version. But like Mark says it's worth it to protect the $500 investment when going down some bumpy streets or jamming on your brakes.

Want to see some more photos and and a few videos of the E71 ProClip Car Mount Kit? Go visit this article at The Nokia Blog.

If you want to skip the review and check out the product, click here.

Fring Officially Works On The Nokia E71 - New Version Out

Just letting you know for those Fring lovers that the application is officially compatible with the Nokia E71. Some people have been using a different version but not all the functions were working. Everything is supposed to work fine now according to Fring's blog. Fring is one of the best solutions for Voip on the E71, allowing you to make internet calls using Wifi or your 3g connection.

From the Fring Blog:
So you had some time to see what your new and shiny E71 can do. To be honest with you, we think it’s a wonderful handset too. But, don’t you think it’s time to get it fringing and not just ringing?

Yup, we think so too, so we’re glad to announce that we’ve just released a brand spanking new version for the E71. To get it, simply go to our download page, choose your handset, get an sms, click on it and you’re ready to go.

Some of the features of Fring...
- stay connected wherever you go with your Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Twitter, AIM & Yahoo! buddies on your mobile
- save on your phone bill by placing local and international calls over the internet, rather than costly airtime minutes, & free chat rather than SMS
- with presence status for all of your contacts
- send & receive your favorite videos, music, games, ringtones, docs & more with fring’s new file transfer feature
- using your SkypeOut account or SIP provider
- just pick a contact and hit the green button
- all you need is your mobile phone! No need for a PC, WiFi or special hardware

If you haven't tried Fring yet you can see how it looks on the Nokia N95 in this video below. Everything works pretty much the same on the E71.

Click here to download Fring on your Nokia E71. It's wise to have a data connection or use only Wifi when using Fring.

p.s. I know I haven't been able to answer some questions on this blog the past few days. My hard drive crashed and I have been without a computer. All is just about back to normal now so stay tuned for new articles and lots of questions answered in the Help section.

The E71 Goes Head To Head With The iPhone On The Gadget Show

Recently the UK Channel 5's popular tech program called The Gadget Show pitted the Nokia E71 against the popular but overrated Apple iPhone. Needless to say the E71 help up well agains the iPhone. I actually missed the show but according to Dial-a-Phone's Mobile Blog the E71 came out on top in a few key areas.

For instance, talking about Maps and the two phones, Dial-a-Phone says,
Channel 5’s Gadget Show team challenged the two handsets to guide them to a London Underground station, a test which the Nokia E71 ended up winning thanks to a more reliable GPS signal. Nokia Maps comes pre-installed, with a library of 200 different maps available for download. If you prefer not to use Nokia Maps, you can also install your own choice of GPS software. Since the E71 features Assisted GPS, lock-on times are lessened in some circumstances.

Not bad considering the larger and more vibrant screen on the iPhone. Without getting a GPS lock in a reasonable time the service is then rendered useless.

It's also interesting to note that Dial-a-Phone made a bold statement calling the Nokia E71 "one of the best business phones period". I really have to agree on that one. What do you think?

To read more about the E71 being featured on the Gadget Show click here. The E71 and iPhone actually got the same score at the end. What a battle.

Have any of you spotted this video floating around the web? I'm interested in seeing it myself.

E71 Free Theme: Dark Red By Taieb

This theme is by Taieb and called Dark Red. It comes with custom icons and looks great against the color of the E71. Dark Red has an extremely clean look to it.

Free Image Hosting at

The fonts won't come out like that though on your phone. I'm sure there is a way to hack the E71 and change up the fonts but I haven't figured it out yet. Has anyone else figured out how to change the fonts on the Nokia E71?

Click here to download this theme for your E71.

Have any of you found any theme makers besides Taieb that your coming to like?

Get Commercial Applications For Free This Week - Today Advanced Device Lock For The E71

Thanks to this post over at The E71 Blog I want to inform you guys and gals about a promo that is doing this week. Everyday you can get a certain application for free. Today's application is Advanced Devices Locks For S60 3rd Edition phones like the Nokia E71.

Advanced Device Locks for Nokia S60 3rd edition 1.07: Advanced Device Locks is a Symbian OS application for locking the phone or selected applications only, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other.

X-plore 1.22 - X-plore is a file manager for Symbian phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system.

EUROPAinfo 1.0 for S60: This tool knows all country number plates, capitals, number of inhabitants, area, telephone codes and more about European countries - included maps and flags. Altogether EUROPEinfo has informations about all mebers of the European Union countries.

And a few more for Saturday & Sunday.

Make sure you read all the instructions on the link below.

Click here to see the details.

Tip: Do A Hard Reset On Your E71 If You Start Having Problems

Is your Nokia E71 becoming too cluttered? Are you having weird problems that you didn't have when you first got your E71?

You can try to do a hard reset to restore it back to factory settings. All your contacts, messages, calls, applications, themes > everything will be gone. So BEWARE. Backup your important stuff first. Your memory card will be fine, so anything there will be saved. However, if you have applications installed on the memory card, I recommend deleted those as well.

I always tell people to install applications and themes on the phone memory always! Your phone will run faster, as will the applications. Leave the memory card for your media.

Anyways, to perform a hard reset on the Nokia E71 you do this...

Type *#7370# from the standby screen while your phone is on.
It will ask for the lock code which is 12345 unless you have previously changed it. Make sure you do this right, because if you do it too many times the wrong way you can lock up your phone.

And that's it. Have fun re-installing all of your applications and themes.
Hopefully this helps you out if your having problems, or if you just want to clean out your phone.

Deal Alert: Nokia E71 NAM @ For $432

Just letting all you peeps know that has finally dropped their price on the Nokia E71 North American version (aka e71-2). It popped up on Amazon a few weeks og for over $500, but now you can pick it up for only $432. Not a bad price for such a feature rich phone.

Click Here to see the deal.

Also don't forget if you need more memory you can check out the E71 Fanatics Amazon Store where you can find some great deals. The 8gb microsd cards are going for under $30. There you will also see some accessories for the E71 like cases, holders, etc.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay tuned for more E71 articles this week.

Setting Up The Notification Lights On The Nokia E71

No doubt one of my favorite little features on the Nokia E71 is the notification light. I wish all Nokia smartphones had this feature, and perhaps the best part about it is how customizable it is.

You can choose to be notified of missed calls, text messages, sms messages, and emails along with changing the amount of time your E71 will blink after the event happened.

In order to save battery life I keep mine set at 30 minutes as I don't need my E71 blinking all damn day. I usually check it every half hour anyways if it's not on me.

To customize these settings go...
Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation > Notification light. Here you will find the options that can be changed to your liking.

Change the blink time...


And change the notified events...


If you want you can turn off the blinking light altogether.

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