Nokia N97 Available For Preorder Now!


I know many of you are hesitant to drop your workhorse Nokia E71 for the hot new N97. There is also a big handful of you who are extremely interested in Nokia’s latest flagship device. The combination of qwerty, touchscreen, large high resolution display, 3.5mm audio jack, and of course the 32gb build in hard drive are all factors that make us say “wow” when checking out the N97 specs.

The release of the Nokia N97 is right around the corner. You can preorder the N97 for around $600 bucks right now at if your one of those that need to be the first to get the hottest new toys.


More than likely I’ll end up picking up the N97 for my fiancĂ© and borrowing it from her once in awhile to show off to friends. Will it replace my E71? Probably not. The size and form factor of the E71 is near perfect, and the N97 will be a lot bigger and more chunky.

Click here to visit the Nokia N97 preorder page.

Check out Nokia’s latest N97 commercial:

Are you interested in the Nokia N97? Will you be jumping ship or picking it up to compliment your E71? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts about the N97.

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